The Importance of Maintaining Porta Potty Transport Vehicles

Your portable toilet business will include transportation to get your vehicles to and from the site. As with any business fleet, your job is to maintain your fleet. There are various reasons to maintain a fleet besides keeping up with regulations. Remember that your vehicles and trailers will haul heavy equipment and should always be in optimal condition. This video demonstrates how to fasten the toilets securely to a trailer.

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Fleet Management Checklist

Certain checks should be done more frequently, like your fleet’s oil and coolant levels, tires, transmission fluid, air filters, etc. Then there is more in-depth maintenance that occurs once a year. Create and maintain a yearly checklist to ensure you cover all maintenance aspects. You’ll avoid costly breakdowns and repairs by keeping up with your fleet’s maintenance. You’ll also identify issues before they become problems and do repairs promptly.

Your fleet will be efficient and reliable throughout the year. Also, it adds to the professional image of your business if your fleet is well-managed. The most important reason to maintain your fleet checklist is that you’ll prolong the lifespan of your vehicles and trailers.

Furthermore, it ensures that you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, which means your warranty will be in good standing. A porta potty rental in Stockton, CA¬†should always appear professional and well-maintained as this secures more business.


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