How Do You Choose the Right Sized Hose Clamp for Your Automotive Project?

Every car or automobile owner knows that cars have tons of moving parts. The makeup of a vehicle can be extremely complicated and detailed, and each part matters. If one small piece of equipment is off-center or broken, the entire machine can fail to run properly. One of the tiny, but mighty parts of your automotive project may be your hose clamps. These little piece of equipment can keep your hoses and pipes in place for many years, depending on if you choose the right ones for your unique system.

Video Source

In this video, we’ll take a look at how to choose the correct size hose clamp for whatever automotive project you may be working on. Let’s get started!

Whether you need extra large hose clamps or tiny, mini hose clamps, they both serve a very important purpose in your machine. To find the right size for you, you should first measure the outer diameter of the hose you are working with. Additionally, you should take an updated measurement when the hose is inside of its connection. This way, you can account for the miniscule difference that this change makes.


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